Maestro Spanish

Master Spanish verbs in just 5 minutes a day!

How to Play Maestro Spanish

Did you know that in just 3 months you can master conjugating all Spanish verbs in all tenses?

How, you ask? By practicing Spanish verbs with Maestro Spanish!

You already knew that, didn't you? This article takes it a step further and tells you how to best use the game to achieve your learning goals.


The number one thing required to really take your Spanish to the next level is consistent action. Fortunately, Maestro Spanish makes that easy. All guesswork about studying is removed for you.

For best results, dedicate just five minutes a day to playing the game. It will be a mix of reviewing old verbs and practicing new ones, and with spaced repetition, you avoid practicing those verbs you already have nailed down.

Since this is the only mobile-friendly way to practice Spanish verbs, there is no reason you can't practice on the go! Try it out in line at the grocery store, while waiting for appointments, even in the bathroom if you dare!

Input options

Maestro Spanish gives you three options for giving answers: you can type the answer in, you can click on one of four multiple choice buttons, or you can click on a button to show you the multiple choice options after you've had a moment to think about it.

The absolute best way to really sink the conjugations into your memory is to type them out. Whenever you can, I highly recommend this option.

If for some reason you cannot, then try to think of the answer before you look at the options. This way you are truly coming up with the conjugation as you would need to in a real conversation. If the answer buttons are too tempting, then use the third input option, where they are hidden until you are ready to look.

Lastly, for all the options, say the answer out loud if possible to really make that verbal connection and to simulate real conversation as closely as possible.

In a public place, try mumbling the answer quietly to yourself.

Other practice

I created this game to fill a specific need in my own Spanish practice, but it is just one piece of the puzzle.

While Maestro Spanish is a blast to play and makes learning so easy, don't neglect your other Spanish skills: listening, vocabulary, and conversation.

Playing is so easy there's nothing more to be said! Get back over to Maestro Spanish and try it out!