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30 Useful Spanish Expressions

We can't always be practicing Spanish verbs; it's useful to work on other parts of Spanish.

Besides vocabulary, I found it very helpful to learn common expressions. These can be standalone phrases, or often "connector" phrases that can be used to logically combine two sentences.

There are a ton of these, but these are a few of my favorites. Keep in mind that for many of these, there may be multiple ways to say it:

English expression Spanish translation
a little while ago hace poco
about, concerning acerca de
again de nuevo
all of a sudden de repente
anyway, in any case, at any rate de todos modos
around here, this way por aquí
as for me, as far as I am concerned por mi parte
as long as, seeing that…, since ya que
at first al principio
at last, finally por fin
at least al menos, por lo menos
at times, sometimes a veces
frequently, often a menudo
from now on de aquí en adelante
I am coming! ¡Ya voy!
I don't think so / I think so Creo que no / Creo que sí
in that way de esa manera
instead of en vez de
no longer ya no
not yet todavía no
nowadays hoy día
of course por supuesto
otherwise de otro modo
perhaps tal vez
right here aquí mismo
right now ahora mismo
suddenly de pronto
therefore, for that reason por eso
this very day hoy mismo
without a doubt, undoubtedly sin duda